By Karthik K.

It works – and it’s cheaper than prescription vitamins

Bought this along with the Biotin capsules – my wife’s nails stopped chipping and she became visibly healthier 🙂

By himanshu chouhan

By himanshu chouhan on 21 December 2016
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awesome product work in two weeks skin so flawless and lightining

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By Tapish on 1 June 2017
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This product is for those who have a deficiency of biotin, and many people don’t mostly hairfall problems arises due to excess testosterone in your body or hormonal imbalance. First consult a doctor for better knowledge of your hairfall problem. Because biotin overdose can cause more hairfall and many other problems. I agree that biotin is good for hair, nails and skin but there is already enough biotin in our regular diet if we eat proper food, and this product exceeds the daily requirement of biotin which is 2500mcg and this product provides 5000mcg…so untill and unless you are sure that you have a deficiency of biotin don’t take this product without a doctors advice.

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By Ravishankar on 8 May 2017

Flavour Name: Cafe MochaSize: 1Kg/2.2lbs Verified Purchase
This product is OK when compared to other products in market with discounted price.

Combination of ingredients is good. No need to buy separate products for ingredients.
Builds lean muscle mass in short time.
Good for those who have weak personality.

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Good product below 400

Flipkart Customer Certified Buyer 24 May, 2017

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good sports and supplement Product…

Flipkart Customer 2 Jan, 2017

amazing vinegar

amazing vinegar
one of the best quality vinegar i have used. highly recommend. the taste is awesome and it comes with mother vinegar which is also perfect. healthvit thank you for the product.

Nanda Thanvi

good product. i think the taste is also good. And the amount of calories, carbohydrate and other fibre in one scoop is also as per my requirement.

Nanda Thanvi 15 Sep, 2016

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Great product
I think they give absolutely genuine product and it mixes well with water and tastes really amazing,It is the best Intra workout catalyst which prevents muscle break down and starts recovery immediately.

Flipkart Customer 19 Jan, 2017

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Really Nice
this coffee beans are natural and good about it help in reducing weight. Best is to grind them pack in airtight container and boil in water and take cup in morning. You get a result.

sameer desai

Certified Buyer 2 Jan, 2017