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Foodvit Icing Sugar Powder 100g
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  • Intermediate product: Icing Sugar acts as an intermediate product in the production process. The anti-caking agent makes Icing Sugar easier to handle and more free-flowing.
  • Decoration: Icing Sugar can be used on baked goods, decoration Icing Sugar has good sifting properties and is dust-free, thanks to the starch and fat.
  • Anti-caking agents: Easy to process and free-flowing. Controlled in-line conditioning and addition of suitable anti-caking agents provide the proper flow behaviour.
  • It gives you energy: Sugar is a simple carbohydrate and like other simple carbohydrates, it is an excellent source of energy. It has a very high-calorie content, which means that it gives you the fuel you need for physical activity.
  • It is fat-free:  Icing sugar itself does not contain fat and therefore will provide no calories from fat.

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Foodvit Icing Sugar Powder 100g
Icing sugar is made by grinding white sugar into a fine powder. Sometimes a little corn flour is added to ensure a fine texture. Icing sugar is a very versatile ingredient used often in making cakes and other bakery products; it is used for icings and frostings or dusted over desserts. Since it dissolves quickly in cold water, some people also keep it on hand to add to juices, milk shakes and other cold beverages.


Can be used for frosting, glazing, filling, thickening or simply dusting over fruits / pastries.

powdered sugar, perfect for preparing rich and smooth icings

Combines easily & dissolves instantly

It has no cholesterol

Ingredients: Icing Sugar Powder

Suggested Use: Use as Food Ingredients for Home Hold & Commercial Food Preparation.


Icing Sugar Powder

Suggested Use

Use as Food Ingredients For Home Hold & Commercial Food Preparation.

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