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Foodvit Maize Starch Powder 100g
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  • Thickening & Gelling agent: Maize starch is most commonly used as a thickening and gelling agent for puddings sauces soups, etc., it provides an economical and reliable substitute to other ingredients which are unstable at higher temps.
  • Texture and clarity: Maize starch helps in achieving the right degree of clarity structure and mouth feel. It is also used to achieve chewiness in gums. They are equally useful as moulding powders and as ingredients of paste food.
  • Nutritious and highly appetizing: Maize starch is used to make nutritious bread which is highly palatable, and is easily broken down in the body. When taken at intervals, bread helps to clean the colon and the dextrose produced is commonly used for medicinal purposes.
  • Reduces stomach acidity: Maize facilitates the removal of toxic food substance and also accelerates the passage of faeces through the intestine. Additionally, it protects the digestive tract thus promoting function of the gall-bladder and reducing stomach acidity.
  • Reduce the risk of diabetes and heart diseases: Maize is low in cholesterol and fat content. Cereal or whole grains are great sources of vitamins and minerals, magnesium, fibre and complex carbohydrates. The fibre in whole grains helps to prevent the risk of heart diseases and regulates blood sugar, and all its nutrients boost the immune system.

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Product Description

Foodvit Maize Starch Powder 100g

Foodvit Maize Starch
Corn starch is produced by the maize. This starch is used by the plant as a sort of metabolic reserve. The corn starch is used for all the remedy food items. Corn starch is a powdery material. It is made from ground corn. By using this corn starch, can helps to made thicken soups and sauces. Corn starch is calorie dense, which has 488 calories in 1 cup. Taking the corn starch daily, you able to get more calories.


  • Binder and stabilizer
  • Provides proteins
  • Rich in thiamine or vitamin B1
  • Vitamin A
  • High fibre content helps to lose weight and lowering cholesterol levels
  • Used in Pastry, cream, Desserts, coating

Ingredients: Maize Starch Powder

Suggested Use: Use as Food Ingredients for Home Hold & Commercial Food Preparation.


Maize Starch Powder

Suggested Use

Use as Food Ingredients For Home Hold & Commercial Food Preparation.

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