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Foodvit Sucralose 100g
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  • Tastes Like Sugar – Sucralose tastes like sugar and has no unpleasant aftertaste. In scientific taste tests conducted by independent research organizations, sucralose was found to have a taste profile very similar to sugar.
  • Can Help Control Caloric Intake – Sucralose is not metabolized, thus it has no calories. It passes rapidly through the body virtually unchanged, is unaffected by the body’s digestive process, and does not accumulate in the body. By replacing sucralose for sugar in foods and beverages, calories can be reduced substantially, or, in many products, practically eliminated.
  • Advantageous for People with Diabetes – Sucralose is not recognized as sugar or a carbohydrate by the body. Thus, it has no effect on glucose utilization, carbohydrate metabolism, the secretion of insulin, or glucose and fructose absorption. Sucralose has no effect on short- or long-term blood glucose control.
  • Does Not Promote Tooth Decay – Scientific studies have shown that sucralose does not support the growth of oral bacteria and does not promote tooth decay.
  • Extraordinary Heat Stability – Sucralose is exceptionally heat stable, making it ideal for use in baking, canning, pasteurization, aseptic processing and other manufacturing processes that require high temperatures. Baked goods, canned fruits, syrups, and jams and jellies, no measurable loss of sucralose occurred during processing and throughout shelf life.

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Foodvit Sucralose 100g

Sucralose adds sweetness to foods and beverages without adding calories or carbohydrates. As an alternative to sugar and other calorie-containing sweeteners, it can play a role in weight management programs that combine sensible nutrition and physical activity. It's useful as a sugar substitute for people who have diabetes or are trying to manage their weight.


  • Low calorie sweetener
  • Excellent solubility
  • Helps to control weight
  • Enhances oral health.

Ingredients: Sucralose Powder

Suggested Use: Use as Food Ingredients for Home Hold & Commercial Food Preparation.


Sucralose Powder

Use as Food Ingredients For Home Hold & Commercial Food Preparation.

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