Healthvit Hyssop Essential Oil | 30Ml


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  • Healthvit Hyssop Essential Oil | 30Ml
  • 100% Natural, Pure and Safe Oils.
  • Face : Ideal for dry, damaged, dehydrated skin and for the rejuvenation of the skin.
  • This oil protects the skin against infection by forming an antimicrobial layer over the skin relieves dryness and itching accelerates healing process in small cuts and bruises.
  • Original Aromatherapy Products Produced using only the highest quality extraction standards in the industry.
  • Aroma Hyssop Oil is Highly Recommended and useful as a Hair Oil, Body Oil, Skin Care, Hair Care & Freshner.

Product Description

Healthvit Hyssop Essential Oil | 30Ml

Antispasmodic — Hyssop oil may help relieve spasms in the respiratory system, nervous system, muscles and intestines. Antiseptic — When applied on wounds, it can help them from becoming infected. The essential oil can also help wounds, cuts and bruises heal faster.

The essential oil of Hyssop is extracted with the help of steam distillation from the leaves and flowers of a shrub called Hyssop.

Suggested Use : Add 1 or 2 Drops of Essential oil to your chosen carrier oil & blend well.

Ingredients : Healthvit Hyssop Essential Oil.

Warning : Do Not Apply un adulated on skin.

Disclaimer : Store in a Cool Dry Place.

Additional Information

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 3 x 4 x 3 cm


Hyssop Essential Oil – 30 ml.

Directions Of Use

Blend 4-5 drops of any Essential Oil in a teaspoon of Castor Carrier Oil and apply on the skin or hair.


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